Da 1 Handed Bandit CHEF

      Born without a left hand, Tycie Burns aka "Da 1 Handed Bandit CHEF", has accomplished a lot of obstacles growing up. Her passion for cooking started in the kitchen with her grandmother, Mattie B. Being raised by her grandmother, in the South, Mississippi, her family did not show, nor gave her any empathy or sympathy. Chef Bandit's grandmother had taught her the word "CAN'T" was not apart of her vocabulary. Never receiving any type of disability funds, she was determined to succeed in all areas where she was told she could not do. At the age of 12, she basically was on her on. Leaving home, staying from one family member to another, to the streets, Chef Bandit has an awesome testimony.

     Chef Bandit's dream has always been  to open up her own restaurant, she started off in the music industry as a female emcee, "Da 1 Handed Bandit". Her music speaks about her life,, from beginning to end. While pursuing her music career, she focused on college to obtain a Culinary Arts degree. While in college, one of her teachers, which was a Chef, told her constantly that "she would never be a Chef in anyone's restaurant". By going through that, it pushed her even harder. After receiving her Hotel & Restaurant Management degree, she pushed herself to finish her Culinary Arts degree. However, Chef Bandit later agreed with her college professor (Chef). She was determined to be a Chef in her own kitchen.
     Chef Bandit's motto is "Driving Ya Palate Crazzzy". Preparing all of her seasonings, sauces, bakery and desserts from scratch, she incorporates other ethical cultures with her Southern cuisines. Therefore, when a customer takes the "BANDIT TOUR", they experience tastes they have never experienced before, which is her goal. When creating her "BANDIT'S SAUCE", the goal was to intensify flavors of any dish when adding the "BANDIT'S SAUCE", which she accomplished. Along with the "BANDIT'S SAUCE", Chef Bandit also offers, "BANDIT'S SEAFOOD SAUCE", "BANDIT'S SEAFOOD SEASONING", "BANDIT'S SEASONING", "BANDIT'S RIB SEASONING" & "BANDIT'S BBQ SAUCE", which will be in stores shortly. But until then, she offers it on her food truck and 2 DAY MAIL DELIVERY.